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Personal Coaching!

Evolve Chiropractic & Wellness is pleased to offer personal coaching and counselling in the form of your own dedicated “Personal Coach.” A personal coach is someone to help you walk through issues and make changes that may be difficult to do alone; someone to help you move forward from old patterns that no longer serve you, or even just help you elevate an already successful life. A Personal Coach is a sounding board; an independent third party that will help you gain perspective and supports you in making positive changes. Personal Coaching and Counselling gives you an opportunity to take space out of your busy life to resolve difficulties that are getting in the way of joy and fulfillment and provide support to implement changes that will help you live an easier and less stressful life.

Personality Profile

As part of our Personal Coaching & Counselling Services, you will also receive a personality profile, called Personality Adaptations. It describes how we have each developed strategies that become part of our personalities. You will receive a personalized report that outlines your areas of strength and areas for growth and development. Clients find that armed with the knowledge of their unique Personality Adaptation profile, they are more aware of how they might face difficulties, and they are able to use this information to operate more effectively at work and at home.

What can you expect from your first Personal Coaching & Counselling Session?

Evolve Chiropractic’s Personal Coach offers a free 20-minute consultation as a way to meet with potential clients and ensure there is a good fit. During this introductory appointment, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and get to know your coach and their approach. After this, an initial appointment is booked, and the client is sent a link to complete the Personality Adaptation Questionnaire. In the first appointment, we always start with creating a roadmap and end goals for where the client wants to be up at the conclusion of the process.

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The Evolve Chiropractic & Wellness team looks forward to providing the highest caliber of care in Calgary’s Downtown Core. Call us at (403) 474-7792 to book your Personal Coaching and Counselling appointment today!

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